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Hermes Commerce R Ltd. was established in 1990 year. We are importing more than 700 different food stuffs from many countries Hungary, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines etc.

We are official importer and distributor for Bulgaria of such companies as:
Heinz, Friesland, Kochs, Kluth, Losos Ltd., Dutch Lady, Rafaelo Salgado, Suessina, Animex and etc. We are supplying all the biggest International Key Accounts in Bulgaria / Metro Cash & Carry, BILLA, CBA, RAMSTORE, HIT, Kaufland/ and Domestic Key Accounts / Fantastico, Familia, etc/ as well as we are supplying retail customers. There is well developed distribution net in all over country.

We also have offices and warehouses in all main Bulgarian cities and our disposal is own transport vehicles mini vans and trucks.

We have our four own brands: KRAMI, De Lora, Variant.

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